Get Quality & Affordable Land

We at PRC pride ourselves in providing genuine property at an affordableprice, in order to give our clients that opportunity to own a home as they have always desired. We make sure that we have conducted due diligence on all our properties and give you the best rates so that you can walk away a happy client.

Know more than the average buyer

Want to know more about any of the properties. Contact our customer care department for any enquiries. You can also text ‘DEAL’ to 33300 and we shall call you and provide with extensive detail about the property you wish to buy.

Find the value of a Land
Explore Unique Places
Get Yourself Future

Work with the best

PRC has been in the market for over 7 years and has vast experience having engaged in over 35 projects. We shall assign you a Relationship Manager who shall guide you all through the purchase process, providing you with necessary details and making sure that any assistance or follow ups are well handled. We look forward to your partnership.