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Property Pricing

Sitting on more than 70 acres of land, Bassai Plains, presents you with the opportunity to begin the year with a wise and sound investment.

This is a lifetime chance to become a:

  •  Land Owner (Freehold title deed)
  •  Greenprenuer
  •  Farmer / Investor

For only KES 219,000 for an eighth of an acre and KES 369,000 for a quarter of an acre PRC invites you to be part of the Bassai Plains community.

*A limited number of prime plots are also available with an eighth going for KES 269,000 only.

0.125 Acres KES 199,000

Plot Reservation: To secure your a plot(s) you only require to pay –KES.65,700.(30% of the total cost of KES 219,000) per plot and the balance within 60 calendar days.

Location Overview

A new year is a fresh start that presents multitudinous opportunities for personal growth and for investment. To enable you start 2017 on a positive and exciting note, PRC presents yet another genuine and affordable investment, Bassai Plains- situated in Rumuruti, Laikipia County.

Bassai Plains is strategically located in Rumuruti town in the heart of the Laikipia plateau, Kenya’s high country, only 50km from the equator near the foothills of Mt. Kenya.

Surrounded by a diverse mix of local communities and a rapidly developing town, the area is a hive of activities and boasts of tarmacked roads from Nairobi all the way to Nyahururu, with good access from Nanyuki and other neighboring towns. The property is close to the main road with amenities such as electricity and water readily available.

Some of the unique features around the property include the famous Ewaso Narok River, a permanent river and tributary of the Thompson falls. It is also adjacent to the famous Sosian Ranch and the AAA growers, Simba Farm and Rumuruti Shopping Centre only 3km away to name but a few. The property boasts of breathtaking scenery and its gently undulating terrain makes it make it ideal for farming and ranching 


Why invest in Bassai Plains?

Genuine and affordable land is an investment that you will seldom go wrong with. With an estimated appreciation rate of 20% per annum watch your money grow in value year on year and let your investment work for you while you focus on your other ventures.

Rumuruti town due to its central location was selected as the administrative headquarters of the new Laikipia County government in 2013 and in the same year a local business launched a plan to build a 200 million Kenya shilling meat processing facility in the town. Scenes from the famous Hollywood film King Solomon's Mines were shot in the town. Formerly a patchwork of huge ranches, and still an important livestock district, Laikipia is now where some of Kenya’s most encouraging conservation success stories are unfolding. Become part of changing the course of history through the PRC Miti Mia concept. Upon purchase of your plot,PRC shall give you 100 indigenous tree seedlings to be planted on every eighth of an acre that you purchase enabling you to become a Greenprenuer. Invest while generating a positive impact on the environment.  We know without a doubt that our planet will be a much better place with more tree and forest cover and we as PRC want to partner with you to actively make this happen. 


  • Features and Amenities

    • Ewaso Narok River
    • The Lewa Conservancy
    • Famous Sosian Ranch and Game Lodge
    • Panari Hotel, Nyahururu
    • Ol Pejeta Ranch
    • The Thompson Falls Lodge
    • The GG Rumuruti Secondary School
    • Tafaria Castle

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