Kilimo Biashara – a new concept of gated farming pegged on the growing number of urban farming activities. It brought together landowners who want to farm and professionals in the agriculture chain. The agribusiness is a way of making use of acquired land which may be meant for real estate construction to address food security in the towns instead of leaving it bare and idle after spending money buying it.

The first project was at Aberdare view; a scenic area close to the spectacular Tafaria Castle in Laikipia County - approximately four hours’ drive to the land from Nairobi. The business model included developing and selling agricultural land together with a standard package of agricultural infrastructure and professional farm management services. The first Kilimo Biashara project had tomatoes, capsicums and cucumbers. To get profits from the farming venture, the land buyer needed to pay 100 per cent of the agri-business fee. This 100 per cent agri-business fee enabled the client to enjoy professional farm management.

The beneficiaries from the first payout of the Kilimo Biashara project in Aberdare got a cumulative Sh12 million in dividend payout from the agribusiness venture. The second Kilimo Biashara project is Mbuni Estate which sits on 76 acres within the rapidly developing Isinya area which gives you a fourfold opportunity to be a: Land owner, Business owner, Employer & Farmer investor.